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The Enhancements to The Photo Solution are listed below. The What's New Section contains all the new enhancements since the last time the page was updated. What's New is sorted first by module then by number from newest to oldest. To view a more thorough list select one of the module links below (Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, etc.). The items new to the module will be at the top of list. 
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What's New as of 12/2007

The Photo Solution

N102 - This is a new feature gives the user the ability to email an Order, Invoice, Credit Memo, Statement or Quote to a customer. This is a new feature that requires  additional software from an outside vendor.  Call for minimum requirements.

N101 - Give the ability to transfer text file over to a PC. This new feature eliminates the need for a floppy transfer and the possibility of the file being too large for a floppy. It also eliminates the problems with people being in different locations away from the server. It can also open Excel with the transferred file. This is a new feature that requires  software from an outside vendor.

This enhancement allows the order writer to quickly give prices over the phone for any job. 

Linear/Perimeter Pricing.  This pricing model works for banner sewing, framing, edge trim, etc. This enhancement will total the perimeter of the print in total inches then multiplies by the total number of prints, finds the price and then divides by the total number of prints to get the per print price.  There is also a minimum inch that can be set. Example: 10 each of 2  24x36 banners.  Price per inch is .15. The formula breakdown would be:

(24x2) + (36x2)  = 120 united inches

120 X 20 (# of banners) * .15(price per inch) = $360.00

360/20 prints = $18.00 each

With this enhancement you can change the category in the Product Code Master or Class Code in the Inventory Master and then update the S/A History files with the new changes.  Without this enhancement whenever you change the category code on a product code the history for that product would report in the old code and only new sales would show up in the new category on the reports. With this enhancement all the sales are reported in the same place.

Create a text file from the Customer Master Report.

During Invoicing force entry of Cashier Code instead of using Order Writer field in header and print on Invoice.

Create text file from Sales Analysis Summary by Category which can then be used in PC programs.

New Sales Analysis Report -  Compare Last Year by Customer.

Create text file from Work In Process by Date which can then be used in PC programs.

During Faxing give the option to print the Cover Sheet and Fax Request form.

New S/A Report by Date Range.

Maintain a history or changes made to Orders. Can't figure out who changed what...  This enhancement tracks changes made to orders.

New System for Collections.  This enhancement removes the Marketing Code Enhancement and Replaces Marketing Code in the Customer Master with Collection Code.  This enhancement is great for Large Companies that need to tract Collections.

Search Invoice History by Second Line of Ship To Address. 

Create text file from A/P Aging Report which then can be used in PC programs.

Allow Negative Quantity during Order/Invoicing on Inventory Items.  You must have E481 and all previous enhancements to receive this enhancement.

Special Customer Percent Discounts. This is a major enhancement. This enhancement gives you the flexibility to define Customer Percent Discounts by Product Code or Entire Category. By individual Inventory Items or entire Classes.  There is no need to constantly re-write the original Customer Discounts files when prices change since this is based on a percentage and not a specific price.

New Report.  Count of Invoiced Items within a Date Range.

Modified S/A by Category to be able to report on a single Category.

Modify Labels by Date/Dollar Volume to skip address' without a Zip Code.

Remake File and Report.  This gives you a place to keep track of why a remake was done, who did and the original cost.

New Customer Lookup Program which includes all Contacts for that customer.

Two item were added to Auto Batch Edit.
1. Remove all orders for a particular customer
2. Remove entire Batch

Revamped /LABELS

Create text file from Balance Sheet which then can be used in PC programs.

New Multi-Order Display and Reprint. Makes looking up Invoices a snap.  If you use Multi-order Invoicing this is a must have!

Delete Customer Special Pricing.

Add Order Date to Customer Option in Auto Batch Order Selections

Accounts Payable

During A/P Invoice Entry display a warning message if the Invoice already exists so duplicates do not occur.

During A/P Adjustment Entry Collect and Print Vendor's Adjustment Number.  This number will also print on the Payment Selection Register, Check Register Vendor Inquiry and Vendor History.

Accounts Receivable

Maintain up to 60 Cost Accounts for Inventory Items during Invoicing.


2007 W2 Form has changed.  The enhancement moves the Social Security Number and Control # to their correct locations.

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