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The Photo Solution

The ability to have a Purchase Order Number associated to a Ship To address in Order Entry and Invoicing has been added.  This enhancement ties a PO Number to the second line of a ship to address with the Bill to Customer.  The PO Number will automatically come up when all three match.    

The Open Order Report found on PH61 has been changed to include 3 options.  All Open Orders, Account Client Open Orders and COD Only Open Orders. 

The Cash Drawer report will now give subtotals for all Manual Cash Drawer Updates. 

An option has been added to Order Inquiry to search for all open orders by the 2nd line of the Ship-to address.

E460New! Highlights
The Photo Solution how has faxing capabilities.  This enhancement allows the user to fax from Order Reprint, Invoice Reprint, Quote Change and Accounts Receivable Inquiry.  Within each option multiple items may be faxed.  Please call for pricing. This enhancement includes the purchase of additional equipment.  

An option has been added to Order Invoicing, Direct Invoicing and Multi-Order Invoicing to prompt for a password when an attempt is made to invoice an Account Client.  A valid password must be entered before invoicing may occur for those orders.

The Photo Solution now has the ability to break up payments made through Order Entry and Invoicing to different G/L Accounts based on the payment method specified. 

This enhancement will prompt for a password when an attempt is made to change the Sales Rep code in Order Entry and Invoicing. 

This enhancement enables the user to search for and use an existing Customer's address for the ship to area of a different Customer.  

Multi-order Invoicing now has the option to abort the Invoice at the Totals, Cashier and Payment Type prompts. All orders selected during the process will be de-selected and a record of the invoice number issued will be written to the Deletion file for accounting purposes. 

An option to enter Customer Special Inventory Prices by a marking up the inventory accounting cost by a percentage has been added. This option will read the Inventory Master file for a Multi-priced Inventory Item, get the accounting cost, mark it up by the percentage entered and add a record to the Special Customer Inventory Multi-price File. 

Sales Analysis by Invoice # Within Customer has been changed to report on a range of dates entered with an option for an individual customer or all customers. 

An ASCII file can be created from the Sales Analysis Summary by Customer Sales Report. This file can then be brought over to a PC to be imported into any program that handles ASCII files including EXCEL and ACCESS. 

The Photo Solution can now handle 'Total Qty Pricing'. For all items that are sold based on the total qty of prints (originals * qty not qty off each original) an 'A' is placed in the Multi-priced Ind in the Product Code Master. The system will then multiply the number of originals and quantity entered to get the total quantity and find the price break for that quantity. 

E449 Highlights
Add by Customer/P.O. option to Auto Batch. Within Order Completion an option has been added to the Customer Selection to mark all work orders complete with the same P.O. for that customer. Within Order Selection an option has been added to select all orders with the same P.O. number for a particular customer. Within Auto Batch Invoicing Printing & Update an option To Group Orders For Each Customer By P.O. Number has been added. This option will group P.O.'s for all customers marked for MOI onto one Multi-Order Invoice per customer. An option to print only a particular P.O. number for an individual customer has also been added.

E447 Highlights
Two new features have been added to Auto Batch. The first feature will automatically Multi-order Invoice multiple orders for any customer who has a flag set in their customer master and has been selected in Auto Batch. The second feature gives the ability to print invoices for a particular customer or delivery method in a batch, vs printing the entire batch. 

Contact Search has been added to the Quote System. 

The Last Payment Date has been added to the A/R Aged Trial Balance. 

An option can be added to Order Entry to not allow orders to be entered for customers who have exceeded their credit limit until approved by a supervisor. The supervisor can 'release' the customer on an order by order basis from another terminal. 

S/A Summary by Customer Sales has been changed to allow the option to print all customers or one customer.

Customers Who Haven't Been In Since Report. This report prompts for the Date and YTD Sales amount then reports on all customers who haven't been in since that date with at least the amount of YTD Sales entered. The report prints the Customer Account and Address, Last Sales Date, YTD Sales Amount and Phone Number. 

Sales Analysis by Top Customer Sales. This option allows you to enter the number of accounts you want to see. The Customer Number, Name, Sales Rep, MTD Sales, QTD Sales and YTD Sales summary are reported. 

You can now jump to Order Tracking within Order Inquiry to display detailed tracking information for an order. This enhancement also includes the ability to jump to Order Change through Order Inquiry. 

Lab Instructions will now display in Order Inquiry for each line. The instruction code will be displayed for Standard Lab Instructions along with any Manual Lab Instructions. 

The Invoice list through Order Inquiry by Customer will now display the Amount Due (Invoice amt - any payments during invoicing) for each invoice listed. 

A/R Invoice Entry has been changed to Initial Invoice Entry. This option no longer updates any Journals or G/L. Its main purpose is to set up existing Receivables on new systems/companies. 

E433 Highlights
An option to 'Mark Orders Complete' has been added to Change Orders. This option works with the new Auto Batch Enhancement. 

The searches for Product Codes and Inventory Items have been added to Credit Memos. 

An option has been added to the S/A Summary By Sales Rep Report to print for a particular Sales Rep. 

E428 Highlights
Auto Batch Invoicing. Auto Batch Invoicing allows individual batches to be created. The selection of invoices can be based on whether orders have been marked 'complete' or not and then by delivery method or Ending Due Date. 

E427 Highlights
Square Foot Pricing. A new pricing structure has been added to accommodate square foot pricing based on the length and width entered during Order Entry/Invoicing. 

E426 Highlights
A new Sales Analysis Report has been added. The report is an Analysis of a particular Customer's , Calendar Year Sales. The purchase analysis includes YTD Total Purchases, YTD Same Time Last Year and Total Purchases Last Year. Totals for each Category So Far This Year and Last Year are also included. The report can be viewed or printed. 

Create cross-index files for Invoice History files for faster access in report writing. 

A Digital Computer Information Sheet has been added to Production Tracking. The following information is collected and can be copied from one order to another within the same customer: 
Computer Technician
Client's Files Loaded On
Scans/Mb * ACS Time * Color Mgmt * Color Changes(pre/post rip)
Printed/Postscripted At: Page Size
Ripped At: dpi Ripped Via:
Rip Location(s) & Exact Name(s) * Output Info: Durst Output Info:
Color Correction Curve: M Y C D
Contrast Curve
Most of the fields have full text capabilities including; insert/delete characters/lines, tabs, clear from the cursor to the right, unlimited text etc., except the Printed/Postscripted At, Ripped At, Color Correction and Contrast info.

E418 Highlights
A new product search has been added to all the Order/Invoice options. The search can be preformed by Category, Product Description or Category & Product Description. Arrow keys and page up/down keys can be used. 

Log out all invoiced jobs will now work using the new Tracking Files. 

De-Select Batch Invoices. An option has been added to the Batch Invoicing Menu to allow invoices to be deselected prior to printing and updating. 

Credit Memos now write back to G/L Multiple Sales Accounts Vs the Main Sales Account. 

E412 Highlights
New Customer Search Routine. This new feature allows arrow keys and page up/down keys for selection. In addition new searches can be preformed by pressing <F10> (goto key) to search by different characters.

Require password to clear status per order for Customers who's account is 60 days overdue.


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