How do I reverse an A/P check that printed and updated

The Payment Selection Register should always be printed before printing checks. This will allow you to Reverse a selection before the check is printed. After the checks are printed and Registered you must use Check Reversal and follow these directions:

Procedures to follow after using Check Reversal (option 6 on the main A/P Menu; APM)

Re-instating payable so check can be re-issued at a later time:

  1. Issue a Vendor Credit or reissue invoices.
  2. Do a G/L Journal Entry to wipe out the second posting to the expense(credit) accounts and A/P account(debit).
  3. or

    Voiding payable also:

  4. Do a G/L Journal Entry to wipe out first occurrence of invoice to expense(credit) and A/P account(debit).


  6. Check Reversal reverses the check on the Check Register.
  7. Check Reversal updates G/L for A/P account and cash account but, does not reinstate the invoices (payable portion) that the reversed check paid.
  8. Check Reversal does not set up a liability (payable portion) for the vendor.
  9. Causes A/P aging and G/L Account Payable account to disagree if the above procedure is not followed.

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